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A few other good peafowl sites
Ohio State University
Amy's Peacock Paradise
Missouri State University
DNA Sexing
Leland Hayes
Rock-N'-Cedar Ranch
D, J, & L Exotic Acres
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Peafowl diseases and other information
United Peafowl Association
Great info on peafowl genetics
Excellent supplier of many of your bird needs
Supplier of USPS Approved Shipping Containers
Excellent incubators & other bird supplies
Great info for game bird fanciers
Mississippi State University
email: djlexoticacres@yahoo.com
Anderson's Gelbveih Cattle & Peafowl
Spicer Ornamental Bird Farm
Nelson Poultry Haven
Cherokee Trail Bird Farm
Peafowl Breeders Directory
Internet auction sites
Rocking BAB Ranch
Cox Fowl Farm