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                                    GUINEA FOWL
****Preorder ONLY **** 
                          ****CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE****
Shipped as straight run until 16 weeks old.
We have Coral Blue and a small selection of Pearl guinea fowl.

Day old to 16 weeks          $5 ea
16 Weeks and up              $10 ea
D, J, & L Exotic Acres
(419)784-6941 or (419)784-6633
The above prices do NOT include shipping or box fees. These are the buyers' responsibility. There is a $5 surcharge on Lives shipped via commercial airlines. FedEx doesn't charge this, BUT they are very limited as to where they will ship to. Please contact me with your zip code for shipping costs and availability. You can also check on the Post Office's website to calculate shipping from our zip code 45831. There is also a $1 per pound surcharge for some shipping locations.

We will ship via express mail
wherever the USPS will allow, as long as the high temperature is below 85 degrees and the low temperature is above 40 degrees. A $10 deposit will hold your choice of bird until weather will permit safe shipping. This deposit is refundable if anything should happen to the bird while in our care.

We will work with our customers to ensure safe delivery of healthy birds. However, we can not be resposible for circumstances beyond our control after the birds have arrived at their destination.

Arrangements can also be made for pick up at the farm or  we can personally deliver the birds within a reasonable distance.
Member of the United Peafowl Association
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Prices are subject to change without notice.
No day old peachicks will be shipped, chicks will be 3-5 months old when shipped.
All chicks will be unsexed (straight run), unless otherwise noted, until they are at least 12 weeks old.
DNA sexing is available for white peachicks.
2010 HATCH

                           2011 Hatch

        SOLD OUT
Please refer to our resources page for a link to Horizon micro environments for prices and styles(sizes) of boxes.  The link to the United States Postal Service is located below. These two links will enable you to estimate your shipping and box charges. Email or call us for the appropriate box size and weight for the birds that you are requesting. We only charge actual USPS shipping costs. We try to minimize the freight on the Horizon boxes by keeping an assortment on hand.
Please include a phone number with your shipping address. This will ensure that the Post Office can contact you as soon as you shipment arrives.
                          2012 Hatch
We currently have a very small selection available. Call or email us for price and availability.
                                       2013 HATCH

Due to my crazy work schedule this spring, we will
not have any 2013 hatch chicks available.