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Boys' 2010 Defiance County Fair Peafowl Display.
We started out as Dad, Joseph, and Lawrence with a quad of purple peafowl. Of course, as anyone involved with peafowl knows, we soon became interested in  many of the other colors, patterns, and hybrids available.  Soon the spacious 4 acre yard became not so spacious as pens sprang up everywhere! Pam and Alex were later added to the farm team.
Pam discovered a Cape Barren Goose at Lewis's farm at our 1st UPA Convention and insisted that we get one (pair :-)!). From the initial 4 birds we now have almost 100 here.
We are located approximately 3 miles north of Continental, Ohio. It is 55 minutes to Toledo, 15 minutes to Ottawa, and 45 minutes to Lima. The Rock and Roll museum is approximately 2 1/2 hours northeast of us in Cleveland.
We currently raise six different color and/or pattern mutations of the India Blue peafowl (Pavo Cristatus). Please see the
breeds tab to view them.
Joseph acquired a pair of 2006 hatch
silver pieds in November '06 and I acquired a pair of '06 hatch midnight blackshoulders at about the same time. We  added these to our breeding program in 2008.
In 2010 we added a trio of Buford bronze split to blackshoulder and white-eye peafowl and sold off the midnight blackshoulders. With any luck the blackshoulder chicks will get us a male
Buford bronze blackshoulder!
A pair of
Cape Barren Geese ,and a pair of Pavo Muticus Muticus (Java Green) are on the 'to do' list for the near future.
We also raise Rhode Island Reds, Wellsummers, coral blue, and pearl Guinea fowl.
Click on the following pictures to see some of our interests.
Joseph with his Silver Pied Male
Pam's Cape Barren Goose
Lawrence with White Hen
Display near the R 'n' R  Museum in Cleveland, Oh
Alex with Cameo Blackshoulder Hen
Another of the birds on my wish list!!
Here are some of Pam's crafts.
Click on the photo for a larger view.
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